The circular
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Bâtiment de l’efp - BRIC

As part of the Regional Programme for the Circular Economy (PREC) and in the tradition of the Employment-Environment Alliance, efp has decided to include in its training for apprentices and business leaders activities that integrate the concept of the circular economy in the construction industry to help these trades develop.

The project

Atelier de l’efp - BRIC

The BRIC project, which is wholly put together by and for efp’s students, consists of designing, building and dismantling a sustainable, extendable and reversible module. It will also include reused materials to comply with the short circuit and reversibility imposed by BAMB, which is supporting the project.

  • 11 trades involved in the project
  • 10 months’ work every year until 2020

and materials

Techniques et Matériaux - BRIC

The specifications have been developed on the basis of circular and dynamic building criteria, as defined by the BAMB project.

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