The project

The BRIC project is an educational tool to raise awareness among trainers and the construction and education sectors and provide them with information about the circular economy.

The project will develop and change, and the various sectors are working on it in an interdisciplinary way. It is aimed at all students (or learners). It also provides a place to think about trades’ practices to understand matters such as how construction workers can manage construction waste, how to manage a low-energy heating, ventilation and lighting system and how to make furniture using recycled materials, as well as the concept of the circular economy in terms of apprenticeships, further education and training of future business leaders in the Brussels area.

10 months’ work a year until June

Namely, each year: 4 months assembly, 4 months using the module (meetings, workshops, courses, lectures, meetings with partners, etc.) and 2 months dismantling. This follows the school calendar from September to June.


efp is an apprenticeship training centre in Brussels-Capital Region. It welcomes 6,000 students each year and its aim is to:

  • Train future self-employed workers and/or employees mainly in VSEs and SMEs
  • Update and develop skills
  • Help people who want to change career
  • Support business project developers
  • Get people into work quickly
Façade de l’efp - BRIC

Based on the principle of work-study, the efp, in partnership with the sfpme, offers a wide range of training courses that open the doors to nearly 200 professions. Our training courses are aimed at young people, adults, job seekers and people undergoing professional retraining, but also at employees and self-employed people who wish to improve their skills.